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A Perkins School building to navigate with multiple senses
The new Grousbeck Center for Students and Technology at Perkins School for the Blind.
An image of the Perkins School in 1913.
A richly modeled panel on an interior wall.
The Howe Building Tower from afar on Perkins School for the Blind's campus, in Watertown, Massachusetts
Sighted, blind and visually impaired users benefit from the Perkins School's multisensory model, which offers audio, tactile and visual cues for inclusive ...
Cartoon students hang out in front of Tompkins Cottage.
Video thumbnail for Charge Syndrome and Sensory Processing with David Brown
Teaching Strategies for Students Who are Blind/VI with Multiple Disabilities in the Sensorimotor Stage of Development
Sighted, blind and visually impaired users benefit from the Perkins School model, which offers audio, tactile, and visual cues for inclusive interaction.
Exterior of Glebe Elementary School with horizontal window shades as part of passive solar design
Slide 1 of 5 An older man and woman stand in a courtyard with a tower rising behind them.
A. Types of Spaces
Antebellum Boston was a cauldron of social, intellectual, and spiritual reform. Hundreds of Bostonians were involved in one or more causes — abolition, ...
Grousbeck Center for Students & Technology, Perkins | GUND Partnership | Architecture and Planning
Perkins School For The Blind
Two women wearing blindfolds sit at a table with small bites and glasses of wine while
Boy painting on paper with a paint brush
Video thumbnail for Accessible Instructional Materials in the Digital Classroom (18:00)
Completed in 2009, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world, with a height of 829.8 metres (2,722 ...
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Seeing AI is a free iOS app designed to provide audio description about the world around
Tactile Baby Blankets
A student who is blind pushes a cart inside a grocery store with a teacher guiding
The School, The Mission, The Building
Create a Map Stick for learners with sensory loss or significant challenges to track time and landmarks. Perkins School ...
Learn how to make a sensory tactile board with various textures to help your child calm
The Chicago Lighthouse talking map is a raised interior plan that uses dynamic overhead projection to illuminate the map and display all audio content as ...
To construct the talking maps, buildings and landscape are printed separately using a 3-D printer and then assembled into a single model.
Perkins Activity and Resource Guide - A Handbook for Teachers and Parents of students with Visual
Eye Witness Newsletter #34 by Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology - issuu
Colors That Help Kids Learn
Figure 1. Three key components to successful collaboration for r
A man and woman wearing hard hats in a building under construction.
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Dockside Green
Bookshare Train-the-Trainer
In Common: Social Connection in Academic and Student Housing Environments
Dockside Green
Exterior of Briscoe Junior High School, Texas featuring durable concrete masonry balances
High school addition/renovation with sustainable features in a multi-use student commons area
Frontiers | Designing Place-Based Interventions for Sustainability and Replicability: The Case of GO! Austin/VAMOS! Austin | Public Health
For Wealthy Indian Family, Palatial House Is Not a Home
The full map of Perkins School for the Blind (Photo: University of Buffalo IDeA
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Test Down and Teach Up: Task Analysis of a Duck
CHARGE Syndrome - An Overview with Pam Ryan, School Psychologist at Perkins School for the
classroom organization and management
Graffiti and street art can be controversial, but can also be a medium for voices of social change, protest, or expressions of community desire.
Sample Raised Roman Types for the Blind: (top) Royal Institute for Blind Youth
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The enormous globe in the main hall, tall as the average adult body, painted
Windows and outer walls of the Bank One Building in downtown Fort Worth, Texas were damaged by the 2000 Fort Worth tornado. It is a commonly held belief ...
VirtualWalk gestures. a) Walking speed is modified by tilting the phone. b)
Example of Lighting Setup to Bring out Surface Relief of Embossed Books. The lamp is
The route used in the real-world exposure task, located at Carnegie Mellon University
A great sensory space 'Goldfields School, NZ' outdoors
Welcome to Wyatt's House: O&M lesson | Paths to Technology | Perkins eLearning
On this day in 1829, the New England Asylum for the Blind was incorporated in Boston. The institution opened with six students, but within six years, ...
Sklylights providing natureal daylight to an elementary school classroom
Architect: SmithGroupJJR
An older man and woman stand in a courtyard with a tower rising behind them.
2. Method
Color Highlighting for Children with CVI
Elementary school featuring room like corridors with kids sitting on hallway window benchs and windows between. '
Video thumbnail for Perkins Teachable Moments_Complexity in Phase 1-HD
Main college building, 2007
Most building, campus, and civic maps and directories are not accessible to the blind
25 must-see buildings in Arizona
How to Build a Standing Box. Our step-by-step guide with images
Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Medical Offices
The LEGO blocks and baseplate with a correct representation of the two routes used in the
When users touch it, the talking model for Perkins School for the Blind responds with
Building the Perfect School
Keller had been rendered deaf, blind and mute by a severe fever at the age of 19 months. When her mother read about Perkins in Dickens' Notes ...
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This sectional drawing of the Perkins Campus Model shows the pedestal and overhead projector installed above
A smiling group of ELP teachers pose in front of Niagra Falls.