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Brocade Phoenix 14th century Sartor warp silk weft
Brocade Phoenix 14th century - Sartor warp: silk / weft: rayon Pattern repeat : 18 cm Width : 30" $ 34.05 / m | Fabric - Silk | 14th century, Tex…
Lampas textile silk and gold Italy second half of 14th century - Lampasso - Wikipedia
ClothOfGoldReconstruction | Astounding Things People Make | Pinterest | Gold, 15th century and Medieval
This woven silk is one of the most expensive luxury textiles of the 14th century and
Textile Fragment Object Name:Fragment Date:second half 13th–14th century Geography:Eastern Islamic Lands Medium:Silk, silvered (?) animal substrate wound ...
Textile (Italy), 14th century
Silk Damask Phoenix,14th century now available in e-shop
8th centruy, Caucasian Silk and Linen Brocade
15th century, Renaissance Cloth of Gold from Moreel Triptych
14th century Italian Linsey Woolsey. talian; 14th Century. cloth tissue: 1 main warp; main weft. Warp: linen, white. Weft: wool, yellow, brown.
Henry Art Gallery - Henry Art Gallery - Objects Italy: Florence [?] Fragment
Textile with Brocade Date: 14th century Geography: Made in Venice?, Italy Culture
byzantine fabric patterns - Google Search | Pattern in 2018 | Pinterest | Telas, Medieval and Arte
Spanish Brocade with Eight-Pointed Star, 14th c. Spain
Textile with Brocade Date: 14th century Geography: Made in Lucca (probably) Culture
Textile with Phoenix, Winged Animal and Flowers Date: 13th–early 14th century Culture
A reproduction of an existing textile from 14th century Italy stored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The brocade is densely woven from fine silk, ...
Textile fragment 14th century 30 x 31 cm, Fragment (two pieces sewed together)
Panel with the Moon Goddess and Attendants. 12th-13th century China. Song-
Textile fragment: grapevines 14th century Ground: deep cream colored silk (paired warps tied
14th centrury, The Coronation of The Virgin, Blue and Gold Brocade - Sartor Damask
Twill weave fustian- thin linen
Fragment with green silk ground (weft rib), fine paired warps almost cover heavier weft. Design of winged griffins and fleurs-de-lis woven with gold weft ...
14th century, Gdansk Silk Brocade with Fish, Griffins and Dogs, Black&Gold - Sartor
Makeda in Silk and Hemp / via Decorative Carpets
Brocade Textile | Italian | The Met. Italy Culture14th Century ...
14th century, Brocade of St. Adalbert with Leviathans, Blue
14th century, Brocade Italy, Blue - Sartor
Gold-patterned Silk with Falcons and Heraldry | Page 13 | Cleveland Museum of Art
Double twill, silk 14th century 75 x 57 cm Century Textiles, Silk Brocade,
14th century, The Coronation of The Virgin, White and Gold Brocade - Sartor Brokat
Brocade Lucca, 14th century Linen and silk; compound woven silk 14th Century, Textile
Silk Brocade Vine, Deer and Lions This brocade with vine leaves surrounding deer and lions
1500 (made) Artist/Maker: Unknown (production) Materials and Techniques: Silk velvet woven with metal threads
Panel of velvet
14th century
1360.Castello Visconteo (Pavia) Visconti Castle-in Pavia,Lombardy,northern Italy. It was built in 1360 by Galeazzo II Visconti,soon after the taking of the ...
16th century, Habsburg Brocade, Lilies
16th century, Spain
A "Brocade with pomegranate pattern", Italian, 16th century (silk, gilt
Brocade 14th century 18 x 63 cm, Dull light violet satin ground. The design
Pomegranate Velvet, Venice, late 15th century
Of The Treatment Of Animal Forms In Decoration And 92 | SCA Ideas | Pinterest | Art essay, Decoration and Animal
Red Silk Fabric with a Pattern of Large Vases and Fruits Silk and damask; Second half of the century In the collection of the State Hermitage Museum, St.
15th century, Velvet Pomegranate
Noble Brocade, White - Sartor 30" wide, polyester/rayon, $20
Lastra tombale di lorenzo egidio de' corvini, vescovo di spoleto, m. 1403. San Giovanni in Laterano (Rome) - Cloister. | 14th century Italy | 14th century, ...
... with the Depiction of Double-Headed Eagles, Leopards and the Monogram PS Place of creation: Spain Date: Late century Material: silk Inventory Number:
Silk Fragments. 14th Century ...
Brocade Textile Printable Fabric, Medieval Clothing, Historical Clothing, Silk Fabric, Woven Fabric
Museo Bardini | 14th century Italy | Pinterest | 14th century, Italy history и Ancient art
Italian (Lucca) late 14th century. SARTOR BOHEMIA
45" Chinese Brocade Fabric, Dragon Flower Pink 35 yard bolt
... Brokát s khiliny a fongohangy ...
Egypt, Gujarat Date half of the century - century AD Material and technique cotton, block-printed with mordant, and dyed red; with stitching in red thread
Tapestry square mounted on plain weave linen. A square at the center with interlaced circles
... Brokát s khiliny a fongohangy ...
Textile with Brocade Date: 14th–15th century Culture: Spanish or Near Eastern Medium: Satin and plain weave; silk and metal threads Accession Number: ...
Cloth of Gold with Winged Lions and Griffins, ca. 1240–60, Central
Textile Fragment with brocade with Bird, Dragon, and Palmette Motifs Date: 13th century
14th century, Brocade Peacocks and Gryphons, Black and Gold 11th Century, Silk Brocade
010fac34f9019c974ab30a5b2b4b75e4--silk-fabric-blue-fabric.jpg (470×423
Silk textile, Venice, mid c. Satin foundation weave with metal thread brocading, voided areas and 2 heights of cut pile.
14th Century · 1099-1319.Duomo.Modena.Emilia-Romagna. Italy.The initial
16th Century Italian Brocade http://www.textileasart.com/inventory/
13th century Italian Gold Brocade with Griffins, Red
Silk Brocade with Gold thread Safavi Dynasty A.D Circa 1650. SARTOR BOHEMIA
Damask Date: 14th century Geography: Made in Lucca, Italy Culture: Italian Medium
Cloth of Gold with Displayed Falcons, mid-13th century, Central Asia. Silk
Spanish Brocade with Eight-Pointed Star, Red
Brocade of Saint Siviard, 11th century
14th century
13th–14th century Silk, Silver; Lampas Dimensions: 61.4 x 61.4 cm (
... Brokát s khiliny a fongohangy · Brocade ...
Fragment of a lampas-woven silk textile Iran or Turkey; end of 15th-
17th century
1360.Castello Visconteo (Pavia) Visconti Castle-in Pavia,Lombardy,northern Italy. It was built in 1360 by Galeazzo II Visconti,soon after the taking of the ...
14th Century · XIV-XVI вв.Villa Lemmi.Florence. House of Tornabuoni.Careggi.
The Thorsberg trousers are dated between the 1st and 4th century AD. The original are
Detail of embroidery on a court dress of Empress Alexandra
14th century
1385-90 ca.Museo d'arte antica del Castello sforzesco a Milano.
Textile with Pearl Roundels with Dragons | China or Central Asia | late 8th-9th
Iran or Iraq, 14th century, lampas weave, silk and gold thread, Overall
This brocade is a replica of a Byzantine silk from 12th century which was found in Palermo, Sicily, in the tomb of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor and King of ...
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Fragment of woven velvet with pomegranate pattern surrounded by a framework of branches, in red silk pile and gold supplementary weft patterning.
The weave structure of this piece is typical Tang style samite, twill compound weave weft. WeavingChineseTextilesSilkFloralArtCentral Asia14th Century ...
Textile fragment 14th–15th century 68 x 21 cm, Textile fragment with gold ground, gold weft (gilded skin wound on yellow silk, worn and tarnished) covering ...
15th century, Renaissance Cloth of Gold from Moreel Triptych | Our Textile Reproductions | Pinterest | Triptych
Woven silk
Silk Fragments
XI-XIV.XV.Chiesa di San Fermo Maggiore, Verona, Veneto.Italia. | 14th century Italy | Pinterest | 14th century, Italy history и Italy
Italian silk damask, 14th century Renaissance Clothing, Renaissance Fashion, 1500s Fashion, Tudor
1360.Castello Visconteo,Pavia.Visconti Castle-in Pavia,Lombardy,northern Italy. It was built in 1360 by Galeazzo II Visconti, soo…
La torre nolare dell'Abbazia di Chiaravalle a Milano sale partendo dal tiburio,a un'altezza di 9 m,con due sezioni di forma … | 14th century Italy | Pinte…
Prestigious Textiles Genoa colonial fabric - £14.50