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Good morning bujofriends It will be January in a few
#Repost @lifeinabujo with @repostapp ・・・ Good morning bujo-friends! It will be January in a few days and I'm setting everything for the new month.
Happy Saturday. Dhara Parmar · good morning
Goodbye January, Hello February february february quotes hello february goodbye january goodbye january hello february
... for this cover page, so I am by no means taking the credits for this design/pattern. I did make the wreath myself though, purely from my imagination.
My January cover page is nothing fancy, just a big ol' letter J with some leafy foliage around the outer border. I used a silver foil washi tape, ...
Thought fireworks would fit to my theme
I used faber castell pitt artist pens and zebra mildliners. Above is my cover page and below is my calendar. I kept things simple this month and i'm super ...
Greet everyone who comes to your door with love, with this easy DIY heart wreath
I went for a simple theme of just yellow and orange for this month, as I wanted to keep it simple for it being my first bujo.
For the new year spreads I wanted to keep it very monochromatic and I decorated it with plenty of geometric and simple designs!
... after some time off made all weeks from january to march and more to go #bujo2019 #bulletjournal #fun #relax #creativ #friendtime #bujofriends #bujoday
As it's the last full week of January, it's time to look ahead to February. With a new month, comes a new thing to try in my BuJo and I'm really excited ...
Hi #bujofriends! It's been a long time since I posted, but I haven
Absolutely Amazing How to Doodle Accounts
Here is my birthday tracker which can double as my Year-at-a-Glance. I'm not totally finished in writing down the birthdays, but this is what I have so far.
Tried to do my own take while sticking true to the original. I used watercolor paper for it.
... #bujojunkies #bujolovers #bulletjournallovers #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalfans #bujofans #bujofriends #january #retro #donuts #muffins #cupcakes ...
It may not have too much color or detail but I will maybe add some and then share it next month. I am happy with this look, as I like things too ...
Good morning #bujofriends. Today I'm headed to the farmers market to pick
So this is my Setup for the first January Week....practice I must 🤣🤣 #bujonewbie #bujoweeklyspread #bujoaddict #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalers ...
Goooood morning #bujofriends. I'm super excited to announce that I've
🇩🇪Einen guten Rutsch ins 2019 meine Bujo-Freunde.🍀🎉🍾🥂
This page supposed to be only for events, but I ended up using it for all kind of appointments. 🤷 ▫ #bujosoul ▫ ▫ ▫ Tools: @tombow.deutschland ...
I'm still thinking about ways to incorporate this idea into my monthly and weekly spreads. I'm do think I'll incorporate the color pink in honor of V- day ...
Good Morning My Sweet Love Image
This is my first ever bullet journal so I'm definitely open to receive feedback!!
Hi #bujofriends. It's a short week at home for me because I'm
I decided to add some BTS lyrics to my page as well. This is my first time writing Hangul, so it not the best but I'm gonna practice!
I lettered this surah on the other site of my mood tracker. ▫ I really like mixing up different lettering styles together. So you might see me doing this ...
I got inspired to do a Rick and Morty theme for this January. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.
I hate my birthday soooo much but I'm trying to live birthdays in a different way to create new good memories about it and ...
I had love this theme and all these cute penguins very much and I hope I'll like every other theme I'll do this year ^^
top of my Bujo. its a notebook from Muji that has a pouch in the front.
Hello #bujofriends. It's been a while since I've posted a #inkbyjengweeklylog
I didn't make one for the first week of january since I was still on winter break and didn't have much going on.
(and possibly other artsy things) if you want to check it out, my username is @gabby.nicole. hope everyone's having a good day!
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujofans #bujolovers #bujofriends #bujoideas #bulletjournaljunkies #planneraddict #plannercommunity #pocketrings ...
For the new year, I wanted to try my hand at some new themes and spreads, but one think I've always wanted to do was draw a galaxy/outer space theme.
Tracking My Friends & Family Goal in My Bullet Journal | All-Round Better Me
I just need to work on the fonts.
Well good morning bujo friends!! Today I start my second layout for November. Inspired by the wonderful @bujo.by.marieke !! I'm thinking of adding in a to ...
my Phone is bursting with pics i havent posted yet. So before showing the setup
Grab this Free Winter Coloring Page and enjoy some down time to relax and get creative
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujofans #bujolovers #bujofriends #bujoideas #bulletjournaljunkies #planneraddict #plannercommunity #pocketrings ...
This is my Setup 2019. Not perfect, but at the moment ok for me I must practice #bulletjournaljunkies #bujonewbie #bulletjournals #bujoaddict # bujofriends ...
Happy 2019 #bujofriends ➖ I'm super excited about @thebulletjournalmethodbookclub hosted by @
For the love of the brick – residential building near Brno by Jan Proksa
#Repost @inkbyjeng ・・・ Hello #bujofriends!
first habit tracker!! ☺ ☺️
... for this cover page, so I am by no means taking the credits for this design/pattern. I did make the wreath myself though, purely from my imagination.
... was so fun to make . . . . #bulletjournal #bujo #sleeplog #bujospread #bujoinspiration #bujoideas #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies # bujofriends
I'm so excited to share my 2019 Bullet Journal set up! I'm SO excited to share this set up with all of my bujo friends.
Goodbye 2018, you were a good year!
Happy Monday #bujofriends. Time for another #inkbyjengweeklylog ➖ One of my goals for
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Hi #bujofriends. This is variation/mashup of my favorite #weeklyspread. I
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujofans #bujolovers #bujofriends #bujoideas
Good morning #bujofriends. Today I'm headed to the farmers market to pick
(Werbung da Markennennung, alles selbst gekauft) I am so excited...today arrived my new Notebook from @leuchtturm1917de @leuchtturm1917 I want to try Bullet ...
Bullet journal monthly cover page, January cover page, winter drawing, winter forest drawing
made.by.sofia My October front page, I'm really happy with
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujofans #bujolovers #bujofriends #bujoideas #bulletjournaljunkies #planneraddict #plannercommunity #pocketrings ...
Decided to try something new. I've had these stamps forever, but I
Wasn't gonna do this spread for September but glad I did cuz this is
This was a simple and fast weekly spread for this week's Bullet Journal ❄ .
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Hi #bujofriends! It's been a long time since I've done an introduction
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#Repost @mygianthandwriting with @get_repost ・・・ Some dailies from this week 📝
Here's the Right Way to Repost Instagram Photos
At first I didnt know what to use as my January front cover, but then my new fianc gave me a good idea :)
18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts ...
Look at this awsome lettering ✨ @hannahbumblebeee wrote my name💋 You should follow her! #bulletjournallettering #bujo #bujolove #bujolettering ...
Hello bujo friends!!! So... I've been bullet journaling
And another sale is live! These three stamp sets are now available at a special
So a bujo friends advised me to try the Pentel Sign Pens so I did.
Here's the Right Way to Repost Instagram Photos
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujofans #bujolovers #bujofriends #bujoideas
I finally finished my last January tracker today and I'm also ready for the
swipe to see the entire spread! 🇬🇧☀️hi there! as requested, I come back with january spreads. my theme for this month is constellations 🌙✨ this week ...
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Couldn't sleep this morning so I got up and cracked on with the #bohoberrychallenge for #January I've really been enjoying working through the questions, ...
Some of our stamps at work in the Classic Happy Planner. • • • •
I liked how this picture turned out. Idea was about a true pacifist ending: I wanted to draw all main characters (except Mettatone) Frisk had spared.
Mon-Thur :: super simple, built one day at a time; Wednesday was a good decluttering day :) I also had to task myself with remembering to start the ...
I'm excited to announce that my shop is open and restocked! There are