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Heres a Quick Way to Terrace a Hill Permaculture SH
Here's a Quick Way to Terrace a Hill
3 Reasons to Hire a Permaculture Designer for your Landscape
Here's a Quick Way to Terrace a Hill
How to Build a Permaculture Swale Garden Bed~ Grow more food using less water!
Incidentally, talking about vertical bits, that's another thing permaculture teaches us: there are no problems, just challenges. I've always looked at the ...
How do you plant your slope when it seems to be impossible to get it to
Here is another couple of views of what it looks like at the moment. First as seen from the north towards the neighbours jungle:
How to Choose the Right Permaculture Design Course
... looking a bit poorly, but it's still producing, so we'll leave it for the time being. Despite that, the sun does not make too much of an appearnce here.
Dry Creek Bed Idea | Dreaming Gardens Front Yard Landscaping, Landscaping Ideas, Dry Riverbed
... comfortable and offering a chance to to stay close the nature. The 32 stunning low water landscaping ideas for your garden l have here ...
succulents would not work in Oregon But I do love this look Suculant Garden, Garden
7 Reasons to Grow Calendula
How to Install a Dry Creek Bed
The red soil garden
Like our current garden, we planned on using these as edible forest gardens and the flat terraces for annuals crops and animals.
And a hell-of-a-lot of heat treated pallets to stabilise the earth banks. This techniques has been a real game changer for us in steep slope gardening, ...
Right! All I need now is a few able-bodied helpers. Any volunteers?
Anyway we also had some short term helpers and despite the heat we built some terraces above the pond using old palettes as support.
If you'd like to see more examples of worm farms, have a read of one of our older blogs here.
Nicola's Design Portfolio
Enjoy Movement, Yoga, Nature Connection, Community Building, Continuing Education, Storytelling, Permaculture, Regenerative Design, and Joy.
The Permaculture Podcast Episode 1641 – Regenerative Investing (starring Josh)
Native pollinator hotel situated in front of terraced apple trees.
Eating with the seasons is a wonderful way to eat. That first tomato of the season tastes really *amazing* after 6 months of no fresh tomatoes.
PDC this January
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... this quiet corner of the Irish National Heritage Park will be buzzing with earth building enthusiasts as Clayfest 2018 gets under way.
... bread crate found on the side of the road). This catches some of the poo and makes it nice and easy for you to simply drag it out with one quick motion.
That meant anyone was invited to stand up and propose a workshop, announce it, find a time and a space for it. So you wrote your proposal on a piece of ...
“Permaculture Politics and a Compassionate Future” – Josh on The Permaculture Podcast
Sustainable Living is a lifelong journey in which learn how.
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Welcoming the Rain
... that she mainly wanted to do gardening, as she had experience of this already from another project and knew she loved that work, so here she developed ...
The black bin to the right of the worm farm below is full of dry, brown carbon materials to add to the compost bin and occasionally into the worm farm if ...
Another year, another PDC!
The compost bin is rodent proof with a layer of vermin mesh added to its bottom to stop rodents creeping in. You can read and see how we did this here.
Permaculture #babe @boricuaticarica and her #imperialginger #flower ... "Thinking
And in this short period we learned much more. We learned how to make earthen plaster:
Since I last wrote about it on here, several trees we thought had survived ended up dying and had to be removed - including, sadly, almost all of the ...
Very dry here for mid-spring, but it's not unusual for our microclimate on
p.s. this is the diagram I talk about, click here to see the full piece.
Exposed to some vicious south and westerly winds, this market garden is getting a multilayered windbreak to help it thrive.
Euro Weekly News - Costa del Sol 27 July - 2 August 2017 Issue 1673 by Euro Weekly News Media S.A. - issuu
... and turn it into a seat for your garden as we did below on one of our past permaculture design courses. Cool hey! You can read all about it over here.
It's our hope that this free resource helps people get started, or keep going in composting some (or all) of their food scraps at home.
How to use music in permaculture teaching run by Peter Cow and attended by the inimitable Charlie McGee and his ukulele of the Formidable Vegetable Sound ...
Where to start? At a perhaps awkward seasonal rim -the onset of a rainy autumn- I've begun a series of foot-visits of ancient 'pagan' or sacred sites across ...
Permaculture Podcast Episode 1543: Transitional Ethics with Joshua Peaceseeker Hughes
Although I have my own psycho-shamanic vision on why the election of Trump is actually a progression of our status quo (a vision that I share with others; ...
Announcing NuSeed Gathering! (And an exclusive PDC offering!)
I noticed it weeks ago and despite my best intentions, didn't get around to treating it in its early stages.
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Permaculture helps us gain practical life tools to see the land as a canvas for opportunity and to see the Earth with fresh eyes.
The Coming Dry Season
B Park-like grounds between the homes in the FROG neighborhood
It became some sort of hybrid between a conference and a festival. Days started with a morning circle, usually led by maverick Mr. Bulgarian Permaculture, ...
In her fight against breast cancer... Kim chose to stay here.
Anyway, here are a couple of pics.
heritage park
our thermal mass big buddy faced to the sun
Why We Love Our Sh***y Dirt Road
Applied Ecology and Permaculture Design: EDIT
Darjeeling is not naturally blessed with great top soil, although it does have one of the most unique climactic conditions possible.
It's our hope that this free resource helps people get started, or keep going in composting some (or all) of their food scraps at home.
I VIRTUALLY NEVER promise “fast and easy” in gardening, which involves worthwhile hard work and patience, but here's the exception: You can create ...
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Permaculture course teacher @marc._.tobin lookin ready to take on the world
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Here on Earth, a good sized 150-people colony is thriving on bio-gas and solar-panels from China. Scents of flowers, colorful cacti and a yet obscure temple ...
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From here you can just see the draining system. Along the sides here and opposite will be the two main growing beds.
It's the time of year again where we battle against those un-invited guests in our gardens: weeds. Don't you hate them? We spend so much time detroying ...
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The central section shows the boundaries of our land facing in general easterly direction. the green area is the neighbouring land, which is north-facing ...
Directly after that an invigorating Mayan Fire Ceremony marked the start of my certification in Permaculture Design at the Instituto Mesoamericano de ...
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... you're finally ready to do a final design showing detail around plants, structures, access, water and more. Funnily enough, this is the quickest and ...
A big chunk of the rock wall on the path between the house and the chicken enclosure was done
Food & Wine Trails - May/June 2018 by BC Food & Wine Trails Magazine - issuu