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David Paetkau - Loved him on Flashpoint :)
Flashpoint Spike Scarlatti #Flashpoint #spikescarlatti #sergiodizio
Sam Braddock David Paetkau, Flashpoint Tv Series, Man Crush Monday, Lost Boys,
Hugh Dillon - Flashpoint. Love Flashpoint and this guy is such a good guy. He is flawed but has to make split decisions in his role on the show.
My flashpoint!!! Ed is my favorite!!! Bottom left
Canadian actor (from Kingston, ON) Hugh Dillon. From tv series 'Flashpoint', 'Durham County', movie 'Hard Core Logo' and leadman of band 'Headstones'.
David Paetkau, Flashpoint Tv Series, Flash Point,
Hugh Dillon, love his character on Flashpoint!
Hugh Dillon, Flashpoint -- don't know what it is about him,
Hugh Dillon of Flashpoint
David Paetkau (Sam Braddock) in Flashpoint
Sergio di Zio I wanna have your babies!!! Enrico Colantoni, Good Looking
Love Hugh Dillon from Flash point.
Sergio di Zio #Flashpoint #spikescarlatti #sergiodizio Man Alive, Flashpoint Tv Series,
Micheal Cram/ Wordy from Flashpoint Drama Tv Series, Ncis, Season 3, Favorite
Enrico Colantoni from Flashpoint
Hugh Dillon~Flashpoint
Sam from Flashpoint.. I remember this episode but only because Sam was shirtless lol... I also remember that he was talking to Jules but I don't know why ...
Sergio Di Zio- FLASHPOINT BEST SHOW EVER !!! Enrico Colantoni, Flash Point
Flashpoint love this show
IMDb Photos for Sergio Di Zio Flashpoint Tv Series, Classy Men, Actors, Beautiful
flashpoint photos | Flashpoint Wallpaper - SRU Constable Sam Braddock
Mark Taylor, Flashpoint's Lewis Young Fine Black Men, Sexy Guys, Sexy Men,
Enrico Colantoni (Born: 2/14/1963, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)"Flashpoint"..my fave T.V. series...all because of him! ;-) ❤ OMG.
David Paetkau - Flashpoint ;) Also known as Sam
Flashpoint Flash Point, Favorite Tv Shows, Female Characters, Movie Tv, Vip,
I don't usually find blonde guys with blue eyes all that, but he is just somethin else..(;
Flashpoint...I miss this show! I wish CBS would bring it back.
Pictures & Photos of Sergio Di Zio - IMDb
Flashpoint - Michael Cram (Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth)
Lewis Young - Photo - Flashpoint Fan Site
David Paetkau
David Paetkau // I kind of adore him as Sam Braddock on Flashpoint. <3
The character of Sam Braddock from the tv show Flashpoint <3
Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth / Flashpoint
Michael Cram. Oh how I love him! Go Wordy! Flashpoint Tv Series,
Flashpoint ~ Raf Rousseau
Sergio Di Zio as David Taft David Paetkau, Flashpoint Tv Series, Enrico Colantoni,
One of the gabillion and one reasons to watch Flashpoint =) Spike! Flashpoint Tv
Flashpoint - Season 3 Promo
Ryan Gosling #pinaddiction #pins #pinteresting #pinpinpin #flashpoint #fpc #digital #obsession
ION Television | Photos | Flashpoint
David Paetkau Flashpoint
Flashpoint ~ Raf Rousseau
CW The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: How Long Will Flashpoint Timeline .
DC Comics The Flash Flashpoint TV Logo T-Shirt, DARK RED
Spike #Flashpoint #spike #spikeinformatico
Feel like the only one who finds this dude sexy as hell!
Flashpoint Sergio di Zio #Flashpoint #sergiodizio #spike Man Alive, Sexy Men ,
Flashpoint. Definitely cried when he died... It was heart retching.
David Paetkau he is one of the reasons I love flashpoint.
Enrico Colantoni
Dean Parker and Clark Lane from Flashpoint. I love that even their children are complex characters.
David paetkau from flashpoint
David Paetkau
Pictures & Photos of Sergio Di Zio - IMDb
Flash Point - On - {Ion tv} ®....#{T.R.L.}
Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars, Flashpoint, Stigmata) Enrico Colantoni, Actor Picture,
Mark Taylor (Oh man how I cried during that episode on Flashpoint....I won't spill the beans)
ION Television | Photos | Flashpoint Flashpoint Tv Series, Enrico Colantoni, Flash Point,
david paetkau acting as sam braddock in flashpoint
Flashpoint - "Spike". One of my faves on the show.
Sam Braddock Flashpoint Tv Series, David Paetkau, Love Sam, Pretty People, Great
omg, yes - these guys, the badges and everything. My antagonist group is coming along. Not sure about the pants. I like the idea of all black.
Flashpoint - Season 3 Promo Drama Tv Series, About Time Movie, Film Life,
Hugh Dillon, Flashpoint - really enjoy this series
Flashpoint - Season 3 Promo Durham County, Drama Tv Series, Swat, Season 3
Hugh (Ed & Greg)~real men hug...just saying XD-courtesy Flashpoint
Hugh Dillon Bald Men Style, Season 3, Love Him, Heavens, Beautiful Men
Jules Callaghan in Flashpoint. She looks so small in all her gear and even smaller when next to all the guys in their gear.
Unisex T-Shirt with Flashpoint Logo Printed on the Chest and SRU Crest Printed on the Left Sleeve
David Paetkau - Sam on Flashpoint
David Paetkau, Canadian People, Good Looking Men, Cute Guys,
Sam From Flashpoint. I gotta stop watching tv. YEAH right that aint ever gonna happen.
Olunike Adeliyi, Flashpoint Leah!!! I was lookin for some leah Love!!!
Spike Scarlatti from Flashpoint Tv Show Music, Flashpoint Tv Series, Ncis, Best Tv
Enrico Colantoni Enrico Colantoni, Dysfunctional Family, Person Of Interest, Lotus, Tv Shows
Flashpoint...this show has been more than inspirational, but motivational. These actors did it right.
Flashpoint Online Store by Bruzer
Flashpoint - Sam
Flashpoint - Season 3 Promo David Paetkau, Flash Point, Flashpoint Tv Series, Great
Superman Man Of Steel, Superman Comic, Superman Stuff, Batman, Marvel Comics Superheroes
He starred in the television series Flashpoint as Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti until the show concluded on December
#SergioDiZio as #MikeScarlatti #ionTelevision #Flashpoint #Cast / #Character #Promo #Photo
Flashpoint sgt Greg Parker Enrico Colantoni, Ncis, Favorite Tv Shows, Flash Point,
Enrico Colantoni(Gregory Parker) Flashpoint Tv Series, Enrico Colantoni, Flash Point,
Amy Jo Johnson held her own with a bunch of 6' men in Flashpoint. The word "strong" isn't even enough to describe her capabilities.
Flashpoint ~ Raf
Sam Braddock #Flashpoint #sambraddock #davidpaetkau #SRU
A new episode of #Flashpoint, airs tonight on CTV
Flashpoint - I've got the solution!
Wordy! Miss him! Glad they brought him back for a couple guest spots!
Enrico Colantoni, Great Tv Shows, Flash Point,
Flashpoint ~ Season 5 Episode: Keep the Peace part 2 ~ Spike Scarlatti
Flashpoint ~ Raf
Flashpoint - Season 3 Promo
Flashpoint, Sam braddock played by David paketku
Flashpoint: Ezra Miller anticipa alcuni dettagli sullo stand-alone | Marvel & DC comic Hero | Pinterest | Ezra miller and Justice league