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Standard 192627 T Roadster Body wo Doors and Floor
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Standard 1926-27 T Roadster Body w/o Doors and Floor
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Standard 1923 t roadster body w/ 20 inch pickup bed, channeled floor
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1927 T Deluxe Roadster Fiberglass Body
81105 T-Bucket Body, Standard Style, Passenger Side Door, w/ 3
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81104 T-Bucket Body, Standard Style w/ 3" Channeled Floor
Above is a picture of a typical 1926-27 roadster body – they Ford price list of parts did not include an illustration of the wood – but you can see it ...
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Standard 1926-27 T Roadster Body w/o Doors and Floor
Roadster Bodies
1927 ford model t roadster fiberglass body unchannled floor t-bucket tbucket
Above is an illustration for the Price list of parts showing atypical 1924 USA style roadster body wood (high cowl and before the 1925 reduction in wood) ...
Ford Model T
1926/27 T a T-Bucket Stan Johnson
Q6: Did the Australian roadsters & tourings door jam wood piece join the lower wood sill or was there a gap? A6. There is a gap. See photo above.
20453 Basic Roadster Package, Standard T-Body w/ Door
81120 T-Bucket Long Body, Extended Style, Passenger Side Door, w/
Photo 03 – Above is a picture of the right side driver's door wood sill area. Metal cover is removed.
Standard 1926-27 T Roadster Body w/o Doors and Floor
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81101 T-Body, 1915 Style **Special Order Only**
1926-27 T Bulkhead Panel
... http://www.fordwood.com/images/road26new.jpg
1926-27 T Floor Panel
1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan – Shown for comparison, note wider body and curved doors
View of the metal floor riveted to the subframe on my pickup. The early runabouts had the floor here, mayber later ones had the floor attached to the turtle ...
Photo 01 -- Above is a photo of the roadster body to give you an overall feel that it is a 1926-27 style body we are discussing.
20572 Deluxe Roadster Package, Standard T-Body w/ Door
Deluxe 1923 t roadster body w/ 3 inch channeled floor
1926-27 T Lower Rear Roll Pan
That isn't directly related to the review of the body – but it does help to confirm the body was on a 1926-27 chassis.
81129 T-Slicktrack Roadster Body, Extended Style, Passenger Side Door, w/
According to the Roadster Shop, they are the nation's only stocking distributor for the Dearborn Deuce convertible body–the first all-steel '32 with a ...
Door Post Support A-69707 (1929-1931) $142.00 / set
1927 T Hood for Street Rodder Nose
fordwood-car.JPG (27856 bytes)
Shadow Rods new “LRHC Roadster” & “LRHC Roadster Pick Up”. The XL27- designed to fit '32 frames... and you! The two XL27 body styles have been designed ...
In order to lower the seating, a floor pan from a 1932 Ford roadster was used as a seat pan. Seatbelts, real leather upholstery and a rubber floor mat ...
1926 Ford Model T Roadster Project
... http://www.fordwood.com/images/road23new.jpg
1923 Ford Model T Fiberglass Standard Deluxe Body T-bucket tbucket
Roadster Pickup For Sale
Model T Ford Forum: 1926 Model T Delivery Van Roadster, Car Ford, Ford
"T" BODY WITH OPENING DOOR - The world's best "T" bucket body is available with a door. California Custom Roadsters, Inc. has manufactured a 'T" bucket body ...
1926-27 Model T Ford rear passenger door
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MANUFACTURING FIBERGLASS BODY AND CHASSIS OZE Rod Shop Inc. presents the roadster, hardtop, three-window, pickup truck, sedan, club cabriolet, ...
1926/27 T a T-Bucket
Lowering Your Hot Rod - How to Channel a Ford Model A with Eastwood - YouTube
T-Bucket Body Drawing
1927 T Roadster Charles Tunnell
1926/27 T a T-Bucket
Cal Automotive Fiberglass Glass-Tee 27 T-Bucket and Austin Bantam
SAR (Steve's Auto Restorations) produces these 1933 / 34 Ford steel roadster and roadster-pickup bodies. All bodies are built with die-stamped 19-gauge ...
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Vintage Original metal 1923 T-Bucket Model T body 1915-1916 ? rat rod
A folding top with your choice of four colors is installed with polished stainless A-pillars and windshield frame. This body is sold as a package ...
Their '32 roadster bodies are built with today's quality materials, including honeycomb cores and, according to Hornet's, little or no need for steel ...
1927 Runabout
Roadster Pickup For Sale Images
All-Steel-brand roadster bodies are USA-made from the same gauge steel as original Ford factory bodies. Every body panel or component is totally ...
Images of Roadster Pickup For Sale
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1925 Ford "New Model" T Tudor Sedan
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Model A Ford Doors
... did mine was to set the back of the rear bow about 1 inch behind the back of the body using a plumb bob, it came out looking great, see attached pics.
All of the structural details of the original Ford floor pans and body braces are accurately recreated and ...
Standard 1923 T Roadster Body w/ 3 Inch Channeled Floor
This of course has led to reproduction bodies being more common than originals.
1917 Runabout – Note new curved hood matches cowl panel
1915 Runabout – Note curved cowl panel
To date, over 400 bodies have been shipped around the world and built by the industry's top builders. The body is made entirely in the USA.
You can see similar distortion on the tailgate top edge, it looks bent, but it is not in other picture shown.
The Roadster Shop is also offering complete fender packages with these body configurations for all cars as well. Additional completion is available as well ...
This T is a factory/branch mfg pickup. Never had or could have a turtle deck bolted to it. Also the original rubber plugs still remain in the top prop rod ...
T Speedster