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So I had a dream where I got a lil sumin sumin in the post
so I had a dream where I got a lil sumin sumin in the post and HERE IT IS my…
I hate to compare but for the sake of appealing her, Yoon Ji does look awfully like Krystal from f(x), Yoona from Girls' Generation and of course, ...
Of course the second I saw this I had to take the quiz but once I got my results, I wondered if maybe I could get different or the same results by ...
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I choose to think that Seju is a highly underrated character in WDTFS. Why? Well it's because she is the most hated character in the series.
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requiem for a dream
... 유아이 #YOUI #보니 #BoNi #라라 #Lara #미소 #MISO #수민 #Sumin #은조 #Eunjo #하빈 #HaBin #한별 #HanByeol #KPOP #IDOL #GIRLGROUPpic.twitter.com/9cDH3W3HCh
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... 유아이 #YOUI #보니 #BoNi #라라 #Lara #미소 #MISO #수민 #Sumin #은조 #Eunjo #하빈 #HaBin #한별 #HanByeol #KPOP #IDOL #GIRLGROUPpic.twitter.com/9cDH3W3HCh
i miss sumin can sonamoo PLEASE have a cb already ;-; #sumin #sonamoo #수민 #소나무pic.twitter.com/UbR0v81Ecx
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DreamNote First Single Album 'Dreamlike' #DreamNote #ドリームノート #Dreamlike #수민 #Sumin #은조 #Eunjo #한별 #HanByeol #미소 #MISO ...
I'm kidding (not really) but seriously just think about it. If Seju could love someone so much imagine what all that love could've done to Sungji.
Donnie Dunagan Cammie King Dual Signed Disney Bambi 8x10 Photo PSA V90287 Auto @ niftywarehouse.com | SIGNED MERCH | Pinterest | Book tv, Films and TVs
I just wish we could have gotten a few Sungji X Seju moments. Don't get me wrong, Sungji and Sumin belong together but I would also be completely fine with ...
Agatha Thrills
Moving on, I think for the first two disagreements that she and Sumin have she wants to try and solve herself but past that point she begins to hold back ...
[SUMIN] Sự thật
Now you're thinking “Why are you shipping Seju and Sungji?” It's because Seju called dibs. She actually did call dibs. I can't remember the exact chapter ...
They of course forgot that after the eruption of the 1937 Sino-Japanese War, the Anglo-Americans, biased towards Japan and against China, adopted a policy ...
was around end of July 2016, now is September 2017, so it was already more than 1 year I didn't see them already.
(disclaimer; shit is about to get soppy)
#1121839 - artist:sumin6301, equestria girls, equestria girls-ified, human, oc, oc:sumin, princess flurry heart, safe - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: ...
chan, woojin, and hyunjin ran the school
I believe Seju should've gotten a second chance because Seju's love for Sumin was beyond our wildest dreams. Now back in “present” time Seju still loves ...
This meme reminded me of them, so I took the opportunity and followed my dreams of making this.
... 수민 #Sumin #은조 #Eunjo #한별 #HanByeol #미소 #MISO #라라 #Lara #유아이 #YOUI #하빈 #HaBin #보니 #BoNi #KPOP #IDOL #GIRLGROUPpic.twitter.com/kxOLtjzszh
Then one year I had pass my driving test and I did that to. This year my resolution is going to be a little bit different.
Killing it!
Hebe Designer Boutique
Here is a small selection of my favorite bow ties from her store!
So once you take the quiz, you are met with a screen that says “Congradulations, you have got…” which apply to each character they have available.
... get in between Sungji and Sumin but let's all give Seju a round of applause for being the antagonist cause if she wasn't, the story wouldn't be as good ...
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Just A Lil Sumin' Sumin' From Yesterday's Headshot Photoshoot For Bella! @nzingaimani
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Arlene Selman
... me to do next out of these: Sumin, Seongji, Dawoon or Nami? Leave the name in the comments and I'll post the quiz result and discuss it next time.
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C&P, LA -poster-2015
Vitaly Sumin (writer/producer/director)– portrait of the artist as a young man
Today marks the return of my presence to the blogosphere and with it comes a fresh new perspective on life. In the next few months I will be writing a ...
The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, January 22, 1905, Second Section, Page 6, Image 20 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours from our quirky little Press + Post
photo_library When You Put So Much Time, Effort, Thought And Money Into Sumin It Can
christopher owens
since Sumin drew a lot of extra things on the paper while waiting for us to come up:
드림노트(DreamNote) on Twitter: "[사진] #드림노트 #DreamNote #보니 #은조 #라라 #수민 #한별 #미소 #유아이 #하빈 #BoNi #Eunjo #Lara #Sumin #HanByeol #MISO ...
When I see you smile, I can face the world, oh you know I
Ok, I have already confessed my love for weddings on the Funke Akindele wedding post and I am sorry to bore you on how much I love and can't stop talking ...
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Sumin. I think that Seongji is/was a very good influence on her, but she was horrible to Seju and Seju deserved better.
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christopher owens
ig | @nctzoo @NCTzoo_ ‼
DreamNote First Single Album 'Dreamlike' 수민 보니 한별 하빈 #DreamNote #ドリームノート #Dreamlike #수민 #Sumin #보니 #BoNi #한별 ...
We have seen this baby grow and become the man he is today through each comeback. We have seen puberty hit him like a truck and do a f*ucking awesome job (I ...
How Grace Victory's 'Jeremy Kyle childhood' gave her the hunger to become a YouTube star (accidentally flashing her pants at Harry Potter along the way)
Here is a small selection of my favorite bow ties from her store!
All the aformentioned goodies AND the limited edition M+K 'How Sad, How Lovely' poster, illustrated by Sumin Cho.
Still managed to smile today after my tattoo removal! All thanks to my gorgeous friend
iMe Korea New Girl Group “DreamNote” Member Profile Photo
There was no Indian contestant in Mr. and Miss International, but this song has been stuck in my head lately, so the song for this post is going to be “ ...
HUMORConnor is just a little puppy who needs Hanks help ...
hanbyeol! happy birthday baby!! i remember when it was sinaes birthday and there
Don't fall in love with a Dreamer as a song was once sung and told … but a Dreamer instills courage, vision, passion, and of course naturally, ...
Boston Post newspaper archives
I've always been a bit of a feeble little mortal but the last few months have been bordering on outrageous. I think what happened was I had a really ...
The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, December 17, 1909, Page 3, Image 3 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress
Last Posts For 2018 uwu ~ . . . . Thank you to everyone for
DCR Presents: Cody Munro Moore, Dream Dog and Impatiens (Newy)
Thoughts From a littleMAN 8 )>
Carly Simon
youmadehercry: “ Christopher Owens Swedish American Hall 12/11/15 ”
[FANCAM] 181111 - Dream Note
“No matter how much you have suffered before, you still have not lost the ability to love”. This is a statement I can wholeheartedly stand behind.
Chri55ybaby on twitter: “1h1 hour ago Been digging through3 big boxes of memories”
[chuyển ver | sumin] bánh táo
Simon Cowell Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors on 'AGT' — Experts Weigh In (EXCLUSIVE)
Tulisa Contostavlos admits she's got a new man in her life but it's not Mark Wright | Daily Mail Online
From St.Petersburg, Russia to Los Angeles, California – via Paris, France | Dostoyevsky Reimagined: Blogs
8:00 AM - 25 Oct 2018
And I can also agree with the next statement that she has a very hard time letting those people go; aka Sumin.
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We've got new Zion. T! His new album, "ZZZ," was just released via YG sub-label, The Black Label, and it's everything I love about Zion. T. A lil' weird, ...
Francesca Orsini and Katherine Butler Schofield, eds. Tellings and Texts: Music, Literature, and Performance in North India (Cambridge: Open Book, 2015).